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Spectroscopy - Indigo Optical Systems

Transformable high Resolution high Efficiency XUV Spectrometer (T-REXS)

Extreme-ultraviolet (EUV, XUV) radiation has become increasingly important with the development in semiconductor manufacturing and metrology. We sell a modular XUV and soft x-ray spectrometer which can be applied in plasma spectroscopy, EUV source diagnostics and metrology.

The XUV and soft x-ray spectrometer has a flexible design and can be adapted to individual applications. High spectral resolution can be obtained for a wide range of geometries and is typically limited by the pixel size of the detector systems (13.5 µm for XUV CCDs). All parts of the spectrometer are UHV-rated.

Key facts

  • Spectral range:  2-15 nm or 15-80 nm
  • High resolution: < 0.08 nm (12-41 nm)
  • several online operation modes 
  • customized design for your application
  • Online alignment
  • Slit-free setup maximizes light collection
  • Excellent SNR with imaging module
  • Online beam inspection
  • down to UHV (< E-8 mbar) available
Data sheet: Link

Peer review article: Link