Customized solutions for imaging with short wavelengths

EUV imaging can provide nanometer resolution due to the short wavelengths of EUV radiation. We provide high performance EUV optics for imaging purposes and EUV metrology applications. Our EUV objective is based on a two-mirror configuration which minimizes aberrations. The objective design features high numerical aperture of 0.2 and a long working distance of ~57mm. The EUV objective allow a lateral resolution of 50 nm and 300 µm field of view for 13.5 nm wavelength. 

Applications of the objective include EUV microscopy, EUV plasma diagnostics, EUV lithography, and optical imaging.

Compact Design & Alignment

The mechanical mounting system has a compact design and allows the alignment of 11 individual axis. This enables the objective to be adjusted perfectly to the required geometry. For example, the distance between the mirrors can be changed so that the magnification and imaging geometry can be easily adjusted by the user. The full setup can be used in UHV environments. Furthermore, we can customize the design for your application. 

Professional Coatings for EUV radiation

The throughput of the objective depends strongly on the design and the quality of the optical coating. In this example the objective uses a high-reflective coating for 13.5 nm wavelength (R>67% for single mirror) [peer review article]. In addition, customized coatings for different wavelengths as well as broadband applications are possible.